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Research Team
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Dr. Elisabetta Benazzi
Postdoctoral Fellow

O: +39 049 827 5263

Dr. Paolo Costa
Postdoctoral Fellow

O: +39 049 827 5263

Dr. Francesco Rigodanza
Postdoctoral Fellow

O: +39 049 827 5263

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Thomas Gobbato
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ilaria Crea
PhD Student
Immagine 2022-12-28 203728.png
Jintao Liu 
PhD Student

Leonardo Cognigni
PhD Student
Gianpaolo Marraffa
PhD Student

Former Members

Dr. Erica Pizzolato
PhD Student

“New Molecules and Nano-Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis„

Dr. Andrea Squarcina
PhD Student

“Ligand and Structure Design of Bio-inspired Multi-electron Redox Catalysts„

Dr. Andrea Volpe
Postdoctoral Fellow

“Mechanism Driven, Rational Design of Water Oxidation Catalysts„

Dr. Antonio Sorarù
Postdoctoral Fellow

“Molecular and Nanodimensional Metal Based systems for the therapy against neurodegenerative diseases„

Dr. Andrea Genoni
ITM-CNR Postdoctoral Fellow

“Molecular Design of Nanosystems for Artificial Photosynthesis„

Dr. Alessandro Cazzolaro
Postdoctoral Fellow

“Preparation of Nano and Micro Hybrid Systems for the Confinement of Functional Molecules„

Dr. Irene Bazzan
Ph.D. Student

“Artificial Photosynthesis: Cobalt Cubane as Catalyst for Photoactivated Water Oxidation„

Dr. Rami Oweini
ITM-CNR Postdoctoral Fellow

“Synthesis of Highly Robust Transition Metal Catalysts for Small Molecule Activation„

Dr. Valeria Anna Zamolo
Postdoctoral Fellow

“Development of Hybrid Polyoxometalates as Targeting Agents in Cancer Therapy„

Dr. Gloria Modugno
Postdoctoral Fellow

Synthesis of hybrids organic-inorganic complexes and study of the interactions with organic macromolecules

Dr. Alejandro Montellano López
Postdoctoral Fellow

Molecolar design of nanosystems for artificial photosynthesis

Debora Vilona

ITM-CNR Fellow (currently PhD student in Lyon)

“Biogenic Templates for the Design of Catalytic Nanostructures„

Omar Saoncella

ITM-CNR Fellow (currently ITM-CNR Fellow in ITM-Rende)

“Preparation of Hybrid Membranes and Materials with Tailored Functions„

Martina Zonzin
ITM-CNR Fellow

“Biomimetic nanostructured systems for multielectron catalysis application„

Thomas Poggesi
M.Sc. Student

“Synthesis of new HNTs derivatives functionalised for the application in the field of drug delivery„

Giovanni Battista Sartori
M.Sc. Student

“Transition metals based electrodes for the catalytic reductions of carbon dioxide

Matteo Soato
M.Sc. Student

“Manganese complexes for the water oxidation

Daniele Ventura
M.Sc. Student

Synthesis of Polyoxometalate with Potential Biological Activity„

Davide Trevisan
M.Sc. Student

“Study of Transition Metal Complexes for Photocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

Stefano Bordignon
M.Sc. Student​
Enrico Maria Dal Compare
M.Sc. Student

Catalyst electrodeposition on photoactive semiconductors for water oxidation„

Alice Santoro
M.Sc. Student

Study of Metallic Complexes with Catalytic Antioxidant Activity „

Jacopo Franchini
M.Sc. Student

Homogeneous catalytic systems for water splitting „

Alessia Sartori
M.Sc. Student

“Design of new photoanodes for water oxidation

Manuel Boniolo
M.Sc. Student (currently PhD student in Umea)

“Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide with transition metal complexes„

Angela Giuliani
M.Sc. Student

“Cobalt Molecular Catalysts for Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide„

Silvia Baroni

M.Sc. Student

“Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Polyoxometalates for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications„

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